Capital Ideas fosters the exchange of practical know-how among Edmonton entrepreneurs. We aim to create a marketplace of ideas for seekers and sharers of business expertise.

Entrepreneurs make this city go. They have learned a lot in the process of setting up their businesses, and they could always learn more to make their businesses stronger. We aim to unlock that wisdom for the benefit of everyone.

We’re not selling anything. This is simply an effort to offer straight-up, useful, local information from a source you can trust.


  • We believe every entrepreneur has learned something that would help others start or improve their businesses.
  • We believe sharing that knowledge would make Edmonton a stronger, better, more innovative city.
  • We believe the entrepreneurial spirit is a valuable mindset, whether or not you run your own business.
  • We believe in a creative, collaborative kind of entrepreneurship focused on succeeding on one’s own merits rather than tearing the competition down.
  • We believe in honest, genuine and useful conversation and interaction that is never boring.

If you believe these things too, join us.

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